søndag 9. mars 2008


This is my first attempt to actually get people to know what I do as a bookbinder and calligrapher. I often get questions about what I do. Not many people in Norway understand what it is. I do get a lot of queries through my web page in e-mails. By having my own blogg I will try to give people a better understanding on what kind of jobs I do and what inspires me. I will try to update the blogg and tell about recent work I have had and what projects I'm working on at the moment etc.

I would like you to take a look at my webpage www.bokstaven.net to get a glimpse of the different projects I have made in the past. Some of them are made very recent, some were made a few years ago, but I everything I put on there show the variety of work that I do.

I will write this in English because my webpage is (so far) only in Norwegian. Maybe this will be useful to people outside the scandinavian countries.

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