fredag 3. april 2009

Spring is in the air

I'm on a roll now...
I have had a lot of commissions, some books have unfortunately been with me for too long. It is hard to get things done when I have another full time job and two small kids etc. But my goal now is to finish project before 17 May, so that I can slow down for summer. Then I would like to spend more time outside in the garden.

My recent projects have been repairing different books where the spine has come off. Also I made a "Hyttebok", a diary for someones cabin (Is it called a log book, maybe?) I have to make a logo for a small company in Trondheim, and write a poem for someone's Mom's 50th birthday who lives in Bergen. Yesterday I also received a book-project, I'm making two memoire-books that will be given as confirmations gifts this spring. It is great to receive such personal gifts, and I am so happy to help out with this to make just that special binding one needs.

It is also great how well the internet works. I am able to receive commissions from all over the country. It is always someone who are getting married, are beeing baptized or have their confirmation, or just have a whole lot of damaged books lying about.

The image I have put out (I took out the parent's names...) I made actually some years ago. I just wanted to show a traditional layout of such an invitation that I usually make. I like the fact that it is asymetrical and that some things are bolder than others. It may look easy, but my students often struggle with this. One have to be very patient and presice when ruling up and also when doing the writing.

So what happens next:

In just two weeks, on 17 - 19 April the calligrapher Lieve Cornil will come to Oslo to teach a weekend course, "When Calligraphy Becomes a Logo". On Friday she'll have a lecture about herself and her work, the course is Sat-Sun.

I'm teaching a course in Coptic Bindings on 8-10 May at Folkeuniversitetet Oslo.

I am looking forward to The Medeival Festival in June, I think on 20-21 June in Oslo, Gamlebyen, Middelalderruinene. I will get back to that in more detail on when and where. The calligraphy group SKRIFT has a stand there every year where we demonstrate calligraphy and lettercarving etc.