mandag 10. mars 2008

Farmen - gårdsboka

I was commissioned to bind the farmbook for the reality TV show, Farmen. I made it in one week last summer so it is not my most recent work, but it is actually on TV right now. It was bound in a coptic style binding with an open sewing on the spine. The book can then actually lie flat on the table (or as I've seen) in the contestant's lap while they're reading it. It is fun to see your own book on TV three times a week.

I chose the coptic binding style for two reasons. I wanted to have the book flat when they opened it. Another reason is that I use that way of binding a lot, so I felt that it was "me" and not "just another commission". Also I had limited time to make a full leather binding. That would have taken way more time than just covering the two boards in leather. The fun thing about it was the wettest summer EVER! The leather just wouldn't dry, and it didn't help that I had to dye the leather first too. The scary part was when I was going to do the blind tooling of their logo on the front...It turned out a bit dark, but it looked good, though, just like the commissioners wanted it. Thank goodness!

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