lørdag 4. juni 2011

Back from Bruges

Ok, I'm back filled with inspiration and Mussels, Fries and Belgium beer...Just, kidding (well not really). I had a wonderful time, but it was a little bit short. I came down Thursday evening and went straight to the library, after putting my suitcase down at the hotel. There were speeches and welcoming words from the arrangers ARA Belgica - and one man held a slide show to point out what the trends of bookbinding are in 2011.

Apparently, the difference in binding techniques are not revolutionary, even if there were a few exceptions. Also the materials used are traditional, also with a few exceptions. The new thing was, however, that the bookbinders had a painterly approach and they also tried out new skins, like fish and snakes and buffalo skin. The painterly approach was exactly that one would apply paint onto the leather much more now and get the grain in the leather to come through still. One used different types of leather together in order to get an effect of glossy, embossed, matt etc. leather.

He also talked about more traditional books, and showed my book actually! He pointed out that the book was bound in beautiful vellum in a traditional style, however, it had the buttons and the knitted pouch to show the relation to Norway. It had no design really, but it belonged somewhere. I changed colour, I think, when my book was mentioned, but I felt really grateful to be pulled out amongst all the other wonderful books. There were over 200 books displayed (I think).

I participated in the lectures and met up with some Estonian and Latvian and American binders. It was hard to communicate with the Belgium and French, unfortunately, the French dominated in entries. I was quite surprised to notice that there were no British or other Scandinavian entries.

I will come back to the books I saw when I get my film developed (yes! I still use film rolls...)

I will, however, share with you the most beautiful chocolate ever...It had calligraphy on it, I couldn't resist buying it...(t'was a tad expensive) Will I be able to actually eat them, I wonder? Take a look... 

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